The Science of Customer Emotions

Emotionally connected customers buy more, visit more often, care less about price, pay more attention to your messaging, and refer friends and family.

How to Fight and Prevent Chargebacks with Alerts and Representment

Let’s take a deeper look at the many cutting-edge ways today’s best online merchants use ecommerce platforms to stop chargebacks from harming their business, by streamlining operations and preventing fraud from draining revenue.

How Can Fraud Affect Your Business?

It’s impossible to sell products online without encountering fraud eventually. It’s a question of “when” not “if,” especially because there isn’t simply one thing called “fraud” that needs to be battled.

4 Business Intelligence Habits of Our Top 1%

Although there are endless success stories that confirm data can add enormous value, it is hard to know where data fits in on an everyday basis. Today, the rise of technology and SaaS solutions has made it easier for companies, more than ever, to acquire data analytics capabilities in a variety of ways.

Calculating Monthly Recurring Revenue

Calculating Monthly Recurring Revenue is critical. If you run a subscription business or have any form of recurring billing, knowing your MRR trends is a key to growth.

Chargeback Industry Statistics: The Numbers You Need to Know

Current chargebacks statistics are a bit daunting. Costing businesses over $80 billion annually, chargebacks are a formidable foe for many business owners.

LimeLight CRM Rebrands as, Extends Ecommerce Order Management and Recurring Billing Solution to Address Growing Industry Demand

Company processed more than $4 billion in client gross merchandise volume in the last 12 months.

Need A CBD Merchant Account? High Risk Payment Processing Explained

The largest barrier to entry in the CBD marketplace very well may be obtaining a CBD merchant account.

How To Sell CBD Online: The Ultimate Guide To Get Your Hemp Business Running

The rush to sell CBD online is here, but it’s not as easy as you may think.

Ecommerce Protection 101: How Businesses Get Security Online

Many people make credit card purchases every day on pocket-sized devices with just a single tap of a button. Smartphones are owned now by billions of people around the world, so the ecommerce market has expanded rapidly and will only get bigger.