Coca-Cola Circles Back to Subscriptions

Coca-Cola is relaunching its Coke Insiders subscription program and our CEO predicts the move will bring many benefits, including convenience for customers and improved consumer behavior data.

Coca-Cola is relaunching its subscriptions program and quenching its thirst for more consumer behavior data. “The push for Coke over the next year or two will be getting to understand their customers,” our CEO Brian Bogosian told during an interview.

Bogosian went on to say this move is an opportunity for the iconic brand to collect data to better understand how its consumers want products packaged, bundled and priced.  

Increasing revenue through a subscription program is becoming a popular and strategic plan for CPG brands, especially ones that depended on social gatherings to sell products before the pandemic. Bogosian also noted convenience and personalization are major reasons why big brands like Coca-Cola are revamping their subscription programs.

“Those who can facilitate the delivery of products and services to meet the consumer's tastes, needs and timing of receipt requirements will have a tremendous upside in the coming year,” Bogosian predicted.

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