Delight Subscribers With Product Bundling on Shopify

Merchants using the Subscriptions app for Shopify can now leverage product bundling to increase predictable revenue and create lasting customer relationships. Learn about popular bundle types and how to build them.

Bring on the Shopify product bundles

As inflation deters many consumers from discretionary spending, ecommerce merchants are employing new tactics to protect their bottom line. While there are countless money-making methods, product bundling attracts the attention of long-term customers and online window shoppers alike.

With product bundles, Shopify merchants can package products together to create more subscription sales, increase average order value and bring awareness to new products.

What Is Product Bundling?

Product bundling involves combining several related products into one order, allowing the consumer to purchase them together. Merchants typically offer their own curated product bundles by choosing several predefined items to sell together for a set price, but some Shopify applications allow merchants to offer consumer-curated bundles, giving consumers the power to select the products or variants in their bundle from a list defined by the merchant.

But whether merchants offer solely predefined bundles or add consumer-curated options, the benefits of incorporating product bundles into a subscription business model are vast.

Advantages of Subscription Product Bundling on Shopify

Bundle subscription box on Shopify

Not only does bundling encourage more sales, it also strengthens your brand. Product bundles can:

Increase Average Order Value

More products sold per order leads to a higher average order value. By offering subscription products in a bundle, consumers will buy multiple items instead of just one. Ensure the bundles you’re offering are created with related products that may depend on or complement each other. This allows the opportunity to upsell from just one product to an entire bundle.

Increase Product Awareness

When merchants have one or two top products, it can sometimes be difficult to sell anything else. Bundles help merchants bring awareness to other products that customers may love. This is especially helpful when merchants base a bundle around their most popular products and add other items to the bundle that would go well with it, such as a candle merchant adding other fruity candles to a subscription bundle based around a best-selling mango scented candle. Customers may discover they love other candles and start buying those alongside the mango scent, creating even more sales.

Improve Brand Loyalty

Exposing the customer to more products they’ll love not only generates more revenue, it also keeps customers coming back for more! Brand loyalty is more important than ever as advertising costs rise, and any business practice that extends customer lifetime value is an asset for your brand. As merchants continue developing their brand, it’s important to maintain tactics that build customer loyalty.

Creating a Product Bundle on Shopify

Odds are, if you’re selling more than a few products on a recurring basis, you have a great opportunity for subscription product bundling. Food, beverage and personal care are the ideal categories for bundle boxes, but it’s a great strategy for any direct-to-consumer brand looking to create more recurring revenue.

A great aspect of product bundles is the psychology behind them: when related products are grouped together and discounted, subscribers feel like they’re getting a better deal than if they were to simply buy a singular discounted product. This works best when complementary products are grouped correctly. In many cases, this involves bundling different variations of the same product, such as various scented candles, or bundling complementary products that are typically bought together, such as candles and matches.

Bundles are naturally appealing to consumers due to their discount pricing and convenience, but there are certain best practices that attract even the most cost-conscious shoppers.

Gift Box Bundles

Product bundles are ideal for people looking to give a heartfelt, well-thought-out gift that includes multiple complementary products for a loved one. For example, a consumer could subscribe to a gift box bundle from a beauty brand that includes several colors of nail polish, a nail file and hand lotion to create the perfect manicure kit. The options are endless, and there’s a bundle that’s perfect for everyone.

Clearance Bundles

Struggling to sell excess products? Inventory clearance bundles allow merchants to sell their less popular items in a group for a discounted price. Consumers may not be interested in the products separately, but when sold in a bundle with discount pricing, it becomes much more appealing to shoppers. On the other hand, if there’s a particular product that’s struggling to sell, merchants can add that product to a popular bundle to increase sales of that item.

Bundle Box Subscriptions

Self care beauty bundle subscription box

Bundles can lend well to subscription models — especially when you sell replenishable products such as makeup or paper goods. Products that are typically sold on a recurring basis are perfect for subscriptions because there will always be a need for them. Shopify merchants can entice customers to become subscribers by offering a subscribe-and-save discount. Additionally, prepaid subscriptions are equally as popular and allow the shopper to pay for several orders in advance and receive them at the frequency of their choice. Converting one-time customers into subscribers will create predictable revenue and extend customer lifetime value without increasing customer acquisition costs.

Giving Consumers the Product Bundling Power

Bundles give consumers the option to buy corresponding products together at a lower price, but what if you could give them even more convenience and personalization? Consumer-curated bundles allow customers to create their own bundle by selecting from options made available by the merchant. The merchant has control of which products the consumer can select and how many they can choose.

For example, a candle company offers a merchant-curated bundle of three scented candles: lavender, honeysuckle and mango. Consumers can purchase this predefined bundle for $30, or they have the option to create their own consumer-curated bundle for the same price with their favorite scents by selecting three candles out of the ten offered to them by the merchant. This allows for more grouping opportunities and more flexibility for the consumer.

This “mix-and-match” model makes the customer feel like they’re in total control of their order, thus increasing the value of the products in their mind.

Product Bundling Done Right

Not all subscription applications are built the same, and not all product bundling tools within those apps are either. The Subscriptions application for Shopify enables merchant and consumer-curated bundles as well as inventory tracking for individual products within bundles.

As more Shopify stores enter the ecommerce space, merchants can diversify their brand from the competition with one-time bundles or subscription offers to bring in even more revenue and create lifelong customer relationships.

Learn more about the Subscriptions app for Shopify and how product bundling can power profits. Click here to watch the on-demand webinar.