How Brands Can Build Their Omnichannel Muscles

Brands must create a seamless omnichannel experience for prospective customers.’s Vice President & Chief Product Officer Lyn Tran details how brands can rise to consumer expectations with the right approach.


January 25, 2023

Merchant planning her omnichannel strategy

The days of consumers simply seeing a television ad, then buying the promoted product at a store are long gone. In the digital world, consumers jump between several different channels before making an online or in-store purchase. And the pandemic-inspired shift to digital commerce has only increased consumer expectations for a seamless omnichannel journey.

“Brands need to leverage customer data from all channels to put the customer at the center of the experience,” Vice President and Chief Product Officer Lyn Tran told “Brands should listen for buying signals as customers traverse from one channel to the next. And they need to use the data to determine the next best action to nurture that customer toward the ultimate [sales] goal.”

Tran explained adopting a headless commerce strategy is crucial for building an omnichannel ecosystem. By separating the front-end experience from back-end commerce capabilities like product and payment management, brands gain flexibility and can accelerate execution.

“Headless commerce enables brands to quickly adopt innovations and embrace new channels as they emerge and is an opportunity to future proof their technology investments,” Tran said.

Learn more about data-driven omnichannel strategies by reading the full interview here.  

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