How Data Unlocks Subscription Potential

Knowing the numbers is essential for a stellar subscription program. Learn how analyzing subscription data creates unique opportunities to grow customer engagement.

merchant using data to plan subscriptions

Subscription programs lead to a trove of valuable customer data, and brands are using this information to expand product offerings and optimize customer engagement strategies.

“By delivering a curated experience and keeping it relevant and fresh, brands have the opportunity to continuously extend that customer lifetime value,” Chief Product Officer Lyn Tran told during a recent video interview.

But while subscriptions allow customers to “set it and forget it,” brands cannot afford to take the same approach after launching their subscription programs. Tran broke down the key considerations when offering direct-to-consumer subscriptions — noting that successful subscription programs require strategy refinements based on data.

See the four obstacles brands face when managing a DTC subscription program and how to overcome them in the full interview.

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