New Chief Technology Officer Set to Evolve and Grow

With 20+ years of experience, Brett McLaughlin is eager to scale as our new CTO. Learn more about our newest leader and see what he says knows about ecommerce that others don’t.

“More” is a pivotal word for Brett McLaughlin. More platform features. More value for customers. More business growth. His passion for pushing beyond the status quo combined with two decades inspiring innovation in the tech space make him the perfect fit for

Before accepting his new role as CTO, Brett led projects for top ecommerce companies, including Volusion. He also oversaw projects for NASA and wrote Java and XML, a best-selling reference book for programmers. We sat down with Brett to hear what led him to and what is on the horizon.

How has your career path led you to your current position?

I started out as an engineer, but I’m a chronic multi-tasker and focusing on a single programing problem has never really captured my total attention. I found my calling when I could solve multiple problems that were loosely related. Over time, I gravitated to conquering bigger problems involving larger systems and delicate balancing acts. That knack for keeping those theoretical plates simultaneously spinning eventually led me to director, vice president and c-suite roles.  

“I trust my instincts but work hard to support those instincts with data. As situations change, data changes too and you have to adjust.”

What made you want to join the team?

I met with a lot of great team members hungry for growth during the interview process. They we were ready for change, even if that meant being uncomfortable. But it was my talk with CEO Brian Bogosian that really sealed the deal. He was passionate, fearless and appealed to who I had become: a leader myself, determined to make a big dent in the world, to succeed at a massive level that required risk, ambition and determination.

What does know about ecommerce that other companies don’t? understands purchasing patterns phenomenally well. By being early innovators in the recurring billing and subscription space, there’s already such a deep knowledge of how people use ecommerce and how merchants can create long-term customer relationships.  

We are also on the leading edge of a movement that offers nearly every conceivable product online, and the majority in a subscription or recurring fashion. It’s simply amazing that products once thought of as “once in a while” have become recurring purchases.

“We’re providing services to merchants, but we’re ultimately allowing commerce to exist in ever-changing ways.”

What do you hope to accomplish during your first six months at

My primary goal is transforming into the world’s leading subscription billing and payment platform for ecommerce. This involves taking what is already working — and there’s a lot — and improving it. I’ll be focused on scaling the entire business across solutions, product, engineering, partnerships and more.

What makes your day?

Professionally, it’s seeing someone who has been frustrated, stressed or under-performing really catch wind. It’s incredibly satisfying when someone sees the bigger picture of what his or her work means to a merchant and commits themselves to the overall mission. also allows me to engage with my wife and kids with a sense of belonging and professional satisfaction. I’m able to step away from a job I love at the end of the day and put that energy and fulfilment into my daughter’s volleyball game, my son’s soccer game or brainstorming with my wife about her new business.

“I’m an engineer and a product guy, so I love solving problems. But it’s that connection to people and their lives that really gets me excited.”

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