New Leader Brings Wealth of Expertise to

As our company evolves as a nimble, enterprise platform for subscription business and beyond, our team is evolving as well. We sat down with our new Vice President of Engineering to hear what made him jump to join and some ecommerce insights.

Mike Bernat

Vice President of Engineering

With a background in engineering and business management, Mike has a penchant for simple solutions that have a huge impact. He thrives in the tech startup culture because it allows him to solve new challenges for B2B and B2C brands. He has more than 15 years of experience, most recently leading teams at, TravelClick and Abila (formally Avectra) using a lean, upbeat and resourceful approach in ecommerce. 

What made you want to join the team?

I was excited about the ecommerce space, and subscriptions in particular. Everyone knows it has been growing exponentially and I think there is a huge need for new solutions in this space. Couple that with the talented team I met during virtual interviews and it was no-brainer. It is clear the team has a hunger for innovation and elegant solutions.

What do you hope to accomplish in your new role at

My goal is to lead a robust, multi-disciplined team that delivers ecommerce solutions to the marketplace. I want our customers to be excited about the platform and I want our employees to be proud of what we accomplish. We are building products that take advantage of a rapidly changing landscape. To do that successfully, we need to have a team that feels trusted and empowered.

“We are building products that take advantage of a rapidly changing landscape. That is extremely rewarding!”

How does’s platform outshine the competition?

We are innovating by taking a “hands off the wheel” approach. Some companies in the industry like to overload you with features and configurations. Those are great, but at a certain point, you have to focus on the bottom line. Through data mining and machine learning, is at a point where we can take over those manual configurations and let the platform optimize revenue for our clients.

“It is clear the team has a hunger for innovation and elegant solutions.”

How have you scaled companies while keeping the positive aspects of a startup environment?

By giving people the right challenges and support they need to solve them. It is not giving them a challenge and telling them to solve it strictly in the confines of their roles. Ask what your team needs to solve a problem. Sometimes you have to push them in a certain direction, but this supportive approach is the essence of startup culture.

“I really feel an obligation to build a technology that electrifies our staff, customers and industry.”

What do you subscribe to?

I subscribe to all the digital subscriptions, like anti-virus and streaming services. I’ve got to keep up with my Star Trek! My wife and I have two dogs, so we have BarkBox, which the dogs get very excited about. And we just started subscribing to a cocktail club called Shaker & Spoon. They send you a monthly box with all the ingredients (except the alcohol) to make some really far-out, exotic cocktails.