Spotlight Shines on Ecommerce as Holidays Approach

As more consumers move online to do their holiday shopping, our CEO explains how ecommerce merchants and brands can fully leverage new opportunities to dazzle customers.

customer packaging a holiday subscription gift

It’s unlikely many shoppers will be elbow-to-elbow in physical stores this holiday season. Instead, more consumers will be heading online to do their holiday shopping and CEO Brian Bogosian said that’s the time for ecommerce merchants and brands to shine.

“Merchants and retailers that provide a unique experience and cutting-edge products will be the ones whose consumer relationships will continue to thrive,” Bogosian told in a recent interview.

Bogosian went on to explain that he does not think the pandemic and changing consumer shopping habits mean the demise of brick-and-mortar stores, but consumers are finding online experiences smoother, more convenient and offer more flexibility than shopping in physical stores.

Brands looking to maximize year-end revenue need to leverage various channels to connect with consumers before, during and after a transaction.

“I think it’s going to be up to (brands) to make sure they have a strategy for how they keep that relationship through email addresses and communicating about new products that they release,” he said.

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