Successful Direct-to-Consumer Strategies for Evolving Brands

Brands wanting to align with shifting consumer buying habits must double down on direct-to-consumer offerings. Our COO Ro Bhatia explains how brands can navigate new digital DTC opportunities and build lasting customer relationships.


January 25, 2023

consumer shopping from a dtc brand

It’s time for brands to strengthen their commitment to selling direct to consumers. As the pandemic rapidly changed consumer buying habits and accelerated the digital shopping shift, brands must quickly adopt an omnichannel strategy to reach customers. COO Ro Bhatia told that a multichannel approach is a big undertaking, but necessary move. 

“It’s not just about being at Target, or being at Walmart or being at Costco,” Bhatia said. “It’s also about being at all those channels plus being on Amazon — plus having your own offering, plus being on social channels that the consumers are interacting with.”

Bhatia said brands can thrive in the direct-to-consumer space if they optimize every touchpoint the customer has with the brand. He also explained how minimizing cart abandonment and collaborating, instead of competing, with retailers can set brands up for long-term direct-to-consumer success. 

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