Infographic: The Digital Shift Toward Direct-to-Consumer

See the stats on how shoppers are utilizing direct-to-consumer channels more frequently to purchase consumer packaged goods (CPG) during the pandemic.


January 26, 2023

Graphic symbolizing the digital shift to direct-to-consumer

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed how people shop, especially for consumer-packaged goods (CPG). Social distancing requirements and limited product availability in brick-and-mortar stores are pushing more and more consumers online. Plus, consumers are recognizing the benefits of CPG essentials, like toilet paper and vitamins, arriving directly to their doors.

Large retail product brands were already ramping up their direct-to-consumer offerings before the pandemic, but the changing landscape has accelerated the shift. Research coming from “D2C And The New Brand Loyalty Opportunity” shows how CPG brands have a unique opportunity to capture customer loyalty and drive engagement by focusing on direct channels. 

Read this infographic for key statistical findings from the report:

Click here to view the full infographic.

Take an in-depth look at how and why people are increasingly using direct-to-consumer channels to shop for CPG. Download “D2C And The New Brand Loyalty Opportunity” and learn how to capture new customers and thrive in changing business landscapes.