‘Tis the Season for Retailer Optimism

Despite shifting consumer habits, our CEO says many retailers will fare well during the holiday shopping season and beyond. The key is to leverage digital commerce with flexible subscription offerings.

Brian Bogosian of offers advice for retailers

Delivery trucks seem to be replacing Santa’s sleigh this year as more consumers order holiday gifts to their doorsteps. It is no secret the holidays and this year’s shopping season look very different because of the pandemic, but CEO Brian Bogosian told the accelerated shift to digital commerce means most merchants still have a reason to be merry.

“I think going into the holiday season, this will be a very strong year for online merchants,” Bogosian said. “And we’re also going to see a lot of merchants who have been brick-and-mortar oriented retooling themselves for the emerging multichannel opportunity.”

One way to take advantage of these multichannel opportunities is to leverage the power of subscriptions, especially as consumers are increasingly turning to digital gift-giving. If done correctly, subscriptions create an opening into a whole new set of opportunities to cross-sell, offer upsells and form a lasting relationship with the consumer.

Bogosian went on to explain how brands can avoid subscription cancelations and why leveraging AI can create a personalized experience for shoppers.

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