How to Generate Recurring Revenue With the New Shopify Subscription App

Attract valuable lifetime customers with our new Shopify subscription application. Learn how to sell subscriptions on Shopify and scale your business without leaving the Shopify platform.

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As attracting long-term customers rather than one-time buyers grows more beneficial, many merchants are turning to subscriptions as a strategy for extending customer lifetime value. Not only do subscriptions support brand loyalty, they also can achieve untapped revenue potential.

The new Subscriptions application for Shopify makes it easy for merchants to start selling subscriptions directly through Shopify without a lengthy setup process. This saves time, money and loads of stress.

The benefits of selling subscriptions on Shopify are endless and positively affect both merchants and consumers. Learn how you can scale your business with this new Shopify subscription app.  

Selling Subscriptions on Shopify

The recurring revenue revolution is upon us — and for good reason! Subscriptions are attractive for both merchants and consumers.

Subscription Benefits for Consumers

Convenience: Subscriptions offer ultimate convenience for customers by giving them the products they need and want without ever having to leave their homes or enter their payment information more than once. Customers should also be able to self-manage their subscriptions with a few taps on their smartphones for ultimate convenience.

Saving money: Using subscriptions is a great way for consumers to save money on products they buy often. Instead of paying full price each time, they can find subscribe-and-save deals that take a certain percentage off each order, ultimately giving them more bang for their buck.

Personalization: Consumers enjoy receiving curated products or suggestions relevant to their purchase history and interests. Subscriptions allow merchants to collect individual subscriber data and offer hyper-personalized offers that cater to each customer.

Subscription Benefits for Merchants

Insightful data: Third-party cookies are on their way out, but merchants can leverage subscription data to understand customer behavior. Moreover, subscription data can accurately depict long-term customer trends to understand churn, buying patterns and other behavior indicators that can help you scale.

Customer retention: Subscriptions keep consumers coming back periodically, extending your customer lifetime value and building brand loyalty. Selling standard or prepaid subscriptions, automatically retrying failed transactions and allowing customers to self-manage their subscriptions are all ways to keep your customers around for the long haul.

Stable revenue: Unlike one-time retail products, subscription sales are more likely to stay consistent through market changes and fluctuations, making it a great addition to your business for financial stability. This allows you to work on scaling your brand while also growing income gains through subscription revenue.

Subscriptions are wildly beneficial, but changing consumer standards continue to alter merchants’ ecommerce strategies. Fortunately,’s new subscription app for Shopify lets merchants sell subscriptions the way customers want to buy.

Save Time and Money in the Native Shopify App

The app gives merchants the power to create flexible subscription offers including standard, prepaid or custom recurring billing — allowing them to sell in a way that makes sense to their specific business needs. While many subscription merchants offer standard billing, merchants can use the app to offer options to bill by cycle, bill by date or bill by relative date.

Subscription billing at any frequency.

For example, some meal kit subscriptions may have a set schedule because of perishable goods, but other subscription models can have more flexibility, leaving the customer to decide how often they’d like to receive a replacement. Depending on the product, supply chain and available inventory, the merchant can choose to give subscribers frequency and flexibility options. If you’re selling several subscription products, you can apply bulk updates to billing models for easy management.

Moreover, we built the native app to specifically work with Shopify, ensuring merchants won’t waste valuable time with complex setup processes or configurations. Adding or updating products and subscriptions is easily done directly within the Shopify admin portal. Not only that, but merchants can easily view insightful subscription analytics that enable them to:

  • Track new subscribers and newly created subscriptions over time
  • Forecast upcoming subscription rebills by SKU to assist with inventory management
  • Monitor terminated subscriptions over time to identify churn-related trends

Attract Customers With Convenient Features

Not only does the Subscriptions app save merchants time, it also provides customers with time-saving features designed to attract and retain high-value subscribers.

  • Subscribers can enjoy the consumer portal which enables them to self-manage their active subscriptions and take actions to pause, skip a cycle, cancel or edit their plan without penalty. Merchants can also customize the portal to enhance the subscriber experience by adding a logo and customizing colors, backgrounds and text.
Subscriptions app for Shopify
  • Keep consumers up to date on their subscriptions with automated email notifications using a native Klaviyo integration. The feature allows you to send transactional emails relating to subscription reminders, cancelations, alterations and payment updates.
  • Convenience and price go hand-in-hand — that’s why it’s important to include subscribe-and-save discounts alongside other money-saving initiatives. The app allows merchants to entice customers with dollar-off or percent-off discount offers depending on each individual circumstance.
  • A seamless checkout is as simple as possible to make sure customers complete the payment process. The Subscriptions app for Shopify allows guest checkout so your customers aren’t required to create an account on the spot and mixed-cart checkout so customers can buy subscriptions and one-time products in the same transaction.
  • Automatic dunning and decline management tools help merchants and customers avoid failed payments and involuntary churn by automatically updating new card information.

These features inspire consumer trust and loyalty, ultimately allowing merchants to extend customer lifetime value and lower churn rates to create a successful future selling subscriptions.

Count on Reliable Subscription Support

Selling subscriptions is a learning experience and we’re here to help. Our team of subscription experts is available to provide in-house customer support whenever you need assistance. Use our Help Center and onboarding guide to launch quickly and start generating recurring revenue in a snap.

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