Protect Your Profits and Your Customers With Automated Fraud Prevention

Fight fraud with an integrated, comprehensive fraud-prevention strategy that keeps criminal and friendly fraud out, without unintentionally blocking orders from your actual customers.  There’s no doubt you need to prevent fraudulent activity — but it’s equally as essential to make sure your security measures aren’t unintentionally blocking legitimate charges.

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World-Class Ecommerce Security

Nothing matters more than your customers’ trust.  That’s why we’ve invested in the highest level of data and legal security, so you can sleep better knowing your customers’ most sensitive information is secure 24/7.

Stop fraudulent activity without stopping legitimate charges

Our partnership with industry-leading solution Kount, an Equifax company, helps you prevent criminal fraud, without blocking legitimate charges.

Get a custom fraud-protection strategy

Our fraud experts work closely with you to develop and manage a comprehensive strategy that meets your unique needs.

Stop fraud in its tracks with real-time transaction monitoring

Kount AI uses machine learning and AI to analyze the safety level of every transaction in milliseconds.  It gets smarter the more transactions it analyzes, creating fewer false positives and negatives.

Take charge of your chargebacks rates

Shift chargeback liability off of your business

3D Verify adds another layer of security and customer authentication, shifting chargeback liability from your business to the issuing bank.

Keep problematic customers from signing up for free trials

Only Transaction Select weeds out problematic customers without creating more friction at checkout, so you can lower your day 0 cancellation rates and still get new customers.

Protect your business against unsubstantiated chargebacks

Get ahead of chargebacks before they’re filed

Get alerted about new chargeback inquiries in real-time, so you can respond with customized automatic actions designed to help prevent them from going through.

We’ll fight (and win) fraudulent chargeback cases for you Representments offers a fully automated chargeback representation service to help recover lost revenue on your behalf.

Anti-fraud solutions helped SkinnyFit mitigate attacks and reduce chargebacks by 40% in only six months.
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Ready to fight fraud and become a beacon of trust in your industry? makes it simple to drive revenue growth and customer satisfaction while crushing chargebacks, churn and fraud.

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