Unleash Your Inner Sales Beast With Smart Product Management

Take your sales to the next level with sticky.io’s unparalleled product management tools. See how we can simplify your catalog, optimize pricing and promotions and fine-tune your marketing strategies to increase conversions.

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Take Your Store to the Top With Advanced Product Management

Step up your online game with our solutions designed to enhance customer experiences and drive sales growth.
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Centralized Product Information

Easily manage and update all product information in one location to reduce errors and inconsistencies.

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Informed Pricing Decisions

Optimize prices based on customer demand, market competition, first party data captured through platform sales and more, all to drive revenue growth.

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Multiple Campaigns

Run several campaigns from a single instance to manage multiple businesses at once or focus efforts on specific channels or billing models, testing and analyzing for future optimization.

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Efficient Inventory Management

Track inventory levels in real-time to avoid lost sales, reduce overstocking costs and improve overall efficiency.

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Better Search and Navigation

Improve the customer experience by optimizing on-page elements, enhancing SEO and making it easy for shoppers to find exactly what they’re looking for.

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What You Can Do With sticky.io

Give your customers the options and simple buying experience they crave.

Can sticky.io do <insert brilliant idea here?> Yes. Yes we can. We make it easy to set up flexible subscription offers, billing models and payment methods with just a few clicks. Increase customer loyalty and reduce churn by putting the power of convenience and choice at buyers’ fingertips.

Win More Customers With Intelligent Pricing and Discounting

Gain a competitive edge and increase customer loyalty with pricing and discounting tactics to attract customers and boost your sales.
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Incentivize Purchases

Attract price-sensitive customers with compelling discounts and promotions, like free shipping offers or customizable coupons, that drive sales and revenue growth.

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Foster Customer Loyalty

Keep customers coming back with loyalty-building pricing and discounting strategies that show them you value their business.

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Optimize Inventory

Efficiently manage inventory by promoting slow-moving products and reducing overstocked items with smart pricing and discounting tactics.

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Eyes On Your Product

Scorch your competition with various discounts ⸺ such as dollar amount off, $ or volume discounts and more ⸺ to grab customers’ attention and drive traffic to your store.

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Smart Data Insights

Leverage valuable customer data, like customer purchase history, sales by product/date/campaign/gateway, order analysis and more, to make informed decisions on pricing strategies to scale your business.