Keep Your Customers.  Raise Your Revenue.

You’re spending valuable time and energy getting in front of people and turning them into paying customers. We’ll help make sure they stick around.  Our easy-to-use features will reduce preventable churn by helping your customers stay satisfied and subscribed.  So you can sit back and watch your recurring revenue grow month over month.

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Not All Churn Is Inevitable helps you reduce involuntary churn, ease customer friction and deliver exceptional customer experiences that they’ll never want to leave.

Get to the root

Figuring out why customers cancel shouldn’t be guesswork.  With our resources and churn management tools, you can understand why customers churn and know what to fix, tweak or optimize.

See metrics at a glance

Get real-time understanding of your churn and retention metrics with our dedicated Churn Dashboard.

Dig deeper and uncover the reasons

Use filters to discover why customers are churning — like failed credit card payments, gateway issues and voluntary cancellations.

Know exactly what to fix

Identify groups of churned customers and set up targeted re-engagement campaigns that entice them to come back.

Increasing customer retention by 5%
can increase profits by 25–95%
Reduce involuntary churn

Don’t leave money on the table by letting preventable churn get the best of you and your business.

Automatically update credit card information

Let Account Updater automatically update outdated customer credit card information.

Trigger automated dunning emails

Prompt customers to update their payment information automatically to cut down on declines and extend lifetime value.

Recover lost revenue

Reprocess declined orders to overcome temporary setbacks to payment processing, like insufficient funds, gateway timeouts and more.

Leverage AI to optimize decline management

Let’s Smart Dunning service find the best date and time to reprocess orders based on our vast customer database.

Optimize your approval rates

Automate payment routing to multiple processors to reduce the risk of errors or delays, reduce costly fees and increase your authorized transactions.

Keep happy, engaged customers

Reduce involuntary churn to an all-time low by delivering a great customer experience they won’t want to leave.

Give them more control

Allow customers to self-manage subscriptions to let them pause, skip, cancel and update orders to fit their needs best.

Give them a reason to stay

Set up save-a-sale-type promotions and offers to entice your customers who are one foot out the door to give you another chance.

Give them extra

Continue to deliver value and delight to your customers by adding on gifts and samples to orders.

See how helped Truly Free experience a 52% reduction in churn and 50% more revenue recovered from declined transactions.
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Ready to say goodbye to churn and hello to more predictable revenue?

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