Get Customer Insights That Ignite Your Profits.

Knowing what your customers want is key to making confident business decisions that boost revenue and reduce churn.  With, you can easily collect, organize and view customer data, giving you insights that ignite your profits.

Talk to an Expert

The next best thing to chatting face to face with your customers helps you know what your customers are responding to and what they’re not.

Talk to an Expert
Drill into the details to see the bigger picture

Get a perfectly filtered snapshot of the behaviors, transactions and patterns that add up to the overall health of your business.

Know more about your customers

Capture more customer data, like expiration dates, birthdays and buying behavior, so you can deliver a more personalized experience and hyper-specific offers.

See what’s driving churn

See your churn rate at a glance and drill down on the leading causes, so you can take action to fix it fast.

Optimize payment performance

Hone in on potential areas for improvement with dashboards to track billing, decline and chargeback rates by bank, BIN, card type, geography and more.

Manage inventory with greater precision

Forecast product inventory to optimize fulfillment processes and avoid possible billing interruptions and out-of-stock scenarios.

Block potential threats to your business

Monitor fraudulent activity, chargebacks, refunds and declined transactions to make faster informed adjustments.

Reports that drive results

Detailed reports help you understand how each stage of your purchase funnel is performing, so you can take more revenue-generation actions every single day.

See where your best customers are coming from

Not all traffic is equal. Our Traffic Source Quality report helps you identify what channels and affiliates are driving your highest-value customers — and which ones may be contributing to higher churn or return rates.

Understand your customers’ buying patterns

Your Customers Dashboard makes it easy to filter views by metrics like Customer Lifetime Value, Average Order Value, MRR, cohort retention analysis and more.

Track your daily, weekly, and monthly revenue in a snap

Our robust Sales Reporting shows revenue by date, product, campaign, gateways and more. Get information on overall sales, refunds, number of distinct customers — all in real time.

Always know where your subscriber count stands

Our Subscriptions Dashboard curates key subscription metrics like active subscribers, subscriber growth and retention, all in one view.

Set better goals when you know your order trends

Our Order Analysis capabilities show advanced calculations from your entire order data to get information on revenue, CLTV, AOV, cycle-over-cycle retention rates and more.

Understand your churn rates

Our Churn Dashboard helps you quickly identify the reasons customers are churning, such as declines and cancellations.

Ready to get customer insights that ignite your profits?

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