Take the guesswork out of rebilling with’s Smart Dunning.
Instantly recover up to 75% more revenue and reduce retries.

• Quick and easy to integrate via API
• Proven AI-driven retry logic
• Immediate impact
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Science of Skill levels up with Smart Dunning
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“Smart Dunning isn’t just a tool, it's 
a strategic asset that has empowered
 us to navigate the challenges of decline recovery with unparalleled efficiency
 and effectiveness.”
– Dylan Richard,
General Manager
traditional vs Smart Dunning’s Smart Dunning algorithm, refined through millions of transactions, is precise, easy to integrate via API calls, and compatible with any ecommerce platform or tool. Toggle the button to see how Smart Dunning stacks up against traditional dunning.
a credit card is
declined or past due.
Smart Dunning uses real-time
data + AI
to predict the optimal
time for a recharge attempt.
reduce declines and increase successful rebills.
a credit card is
declined or past due.
a series of reminders
are sent through emails and
texts to retry the card.
a low proportion of
payments are salvaged.
based on rules set by the
merchant, each retry
accumulates fees and risk.


how Smart Dunning

helps your bottom line

Recovers up to 20% more revenue than traditional dunning strategies.
Uses your real-time customer data and AI to predict optimal rebill attempts.
Recovers up to 75% more of failed subscription rebills.

maximize your revenue recovery with Smart Dunning

Smart Dunning supports online merchants with their rebill needs, especially those dealing with high-risk sectors or complex billing. 
It automates retries at optimal times based on customer behavior and payment history to significantly enhance recovery rates and reduce retries.

rapid deployment

Easily integrates into your existing payments and billing stack so you’re up and recovering revenue in two to three days.

immediate impact

Smart Dunning is up to 51% more successful on first recovery attempts than traditional decline recovery strategies.

secure API

A PCI-DSS compliant enterprise-grade API that's fully automated and offers real-time, data-driven responses.

hands-on support

Our in-house experts offer personalized, one-on-one support via phone, email and live chat every step of the way.
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Smart Dunning can outperform traditional dunning solutions any day of the week.
If our solution doesn’t, we’ll give you $100. Talk to a representative today to learn more.*
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the difference between Smart Dunning and my existing decline management tool?

Smart Dunning doesn’t rely on predetermined intervals or rules to decide when a transaction should be retried. It calculates the moment you’re most likely to win each transaction based on data gathered from millions of rebill attempts.

Q: Can I stack Smart Dunning with my existing dunning process?

Since each transaction retry costs your company money, it’s more efficient to start with the solution that’s most likely to succeed. Our API is easy to integrate with any composable commerce tech stack, so you can start improving your rebill recovery rates.

Q: How can I be sure my customers’ data stays secure? upholds PCI DSS Level 1 compliance, guaranteeing the secure and safe handling of your customers' sensitive information throughout the entire dunning process and beyond.

Q: How can I make sure aggressive retry/dunning strategies don’t harm my brand’s reputation?

Our machine learning algorithms account for customer behavior and preferences to determine an optimal retry schedule that won’t cause customer frustration. Additionally, you have control over the number of retry attempts you want to make. This helps you maintain a positive customer experience while recovering revenue. 

Q: Is it difficult to get started with Smart Dunning?

We’ve designed Smart Dunning to be as simple as possible for your team to add, and our in-house experts are here to support you during the integration process. 

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