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decline defense: how Science of Skill used Smart Dunning to overcome payment declines

Learn how Science of Skill improved payment declines, achieving a 40.7% increase in revenue recovery and a 27.4% increase in dollars recovered per attempt.
increase in initial retry success
more declined revenue recovered
improvement in order recovery
more money recovered per attempt
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Science of Skill, a leading online educational resource promoting self-reliance, strategically transitioned to’s Smart Dunning in March 2023. This case study outlines their journey, showcasing significant improvements in decline recovery.


Before Smart Dunning, Science of Skill faced declined transactions affecting financial stability and subscriber satisfaction. Their struggle extended beyond numbers, emphasizing the resilience needed to maintain stability. 


The activation of Smart Dunning catalyzed Science of Skill’s decline recovery:

enhanced decline recovery

In the six months following Smart Dunning activation, Science of Skill achieved a 28.7% success rate by revenue, indicating a substantial 40.7% increase in decline recovery compared to their previous performance.

increased salvaged revenue

With Smart Dunning in place, Science of Skill enjoyed a remarkable 36.8% increase in salvaged revenue in the six months post-activation.

improved success rate on initial retry

The success rate on the first retry showed substantial growth, rising to 15.6% after Smart Dunning activation. This 51% increase in initial retry success indicated that more declined transactions were resolved on the first attempt, enhancing customer satisfaction and retention.

the activation of Smart Dunning catalyzed Science of Skill’s decline recovery:

Science of Skill's transition from another provider to’s Smart Dunning yielded remarkable outcomes, showcasing the solution's significant impact on their decline recovery and subscriber retention. 

They observed a substantial 27.4% increase in dollars recovered per attempt. This significant financial benefit highlighted the solution's effectiveness in maximizing revenue recovery.

Smart Dunning enabled Science of Skill to elevate their success rate by revenue from 20.4% to 28.7%, reflecting a remarkable 40.7% increase in revenue recovery.

The success rate by order count also exhibited substantial growth, rising from 20.5% to 26.8%, marking a 30.7% increase in overall order processing efficiency.

The adoption of Smart Dunning not only bolstered their financial stability but also contributed to a more reliable and efficient subscription billing system, reinforcing their leadership in the online learning industry.

increase in dollars recovered per attempt
increase in revenue recovered
increase in the number of successfully recovered orders
improvement to success rates on first retry attempts
Science of Skill, dedicated to promoting self-reliance and self-defense through online education, strives to support individuals on their lifelong journey. By providing top-notch equipment and training, the company ensures individuals feel confident and well-equipped for their self-reliance journey.
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