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Petals to Profits: How a Leading Online Floral and Gifting Company Succeeded With

See how empowered the floral company to creatively grow subscriptions, enhance gifting and grant customers greater subscription management control.
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In October 2021, a prominent online floral and gifting company embarked on a transformative journey by transitioning from their in-house ecommerce solution to for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This case study explores how the company overcame key challenges and achieved remarkable growth and success, including 239% growth in active subscriptions and 28% growth in annualized MRR, through this partnership.

Challenges: Blossoming Subscription Offerings

The company, renowned for its modern approach to floral arrangements, faced several challenges in their subscription program, recognizing the need for a more powerful solution to enhance their subscription offerings and provide added value to their customers.

Enabling Prepaid Subscriptions

The company sought to develop a robust prepaid subscription program, offering customers the flexibility to choose flower tiers, delivery frequency and upfront payments for various durations. This initiative aimed to empower customers with greater control over their subscriptions and a personalized experience.

Adding Gifting Capabilities

With a focus on enhancing customer experience, the company aimed to offer shoppers the option to gift subscriptions. This feature would enable customers to gift subscriptions on their terms, with options to adjust frequency, duration and more.

Flexible Subscription Model and Customer Control

To cater to diverse customer preferences, the company envisioned a flexible subscription model with multiple tiers, varying delivery cadences and billing options. Additionally, they aspired to provide customers with a member portal for easy subscription management and customization.

Solutions: Cultivating Customer Relationships

To address these challenges and achieve their goals, the company decided to implement for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This strategic move allowed them to hit their challenges head-on with specific approaches such as:

Flexible Subscription Solutions enabled the company to enhance customer control, customize experiences and offer financial flexibility via various subscription tiers, frequencies and duration of payments. They were able to implement more complex billing features like subscribe- and-save and seasonal billing to offer further versatility for the customer.

Gifting, Seamlessly Integrated

Gifting functionality was smoothly incorporated into the company’s subscription models, giving customers the ability to effortlessly manage multiple delivery addresses for a streamlined and customizable gifting experience. Customers were now able to seamlessly gift prepaid subscriptions and one-time deliveries directly within their member portal.

Customer-Centric, Multi-Tiered Portal's member portal enabled the company to establish a dynamic subscription model with versatile delivery, multiple tiers and flexible billing options, giving customers the power to manage and tailor their subscriptions effortlessly, fostering a sense of ownership and convenience.

“Since we’ve launched subscriptions, it has become a more and more important part of our offering each year as we grow it and as it helps us have that more expected revenue coming in, which is helpful for our farms and our other partners.” 

Results: Nurturing Subscription Growth

By implementing for Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC), the company underwent a transformative journey with remarkable outcomes, achieving a substantial 239% surge in active subscriptions in a 16-month span to reach new heights within the floral and gifting industry. 

This strategic partnership with also facilitated a significant 28% increase in Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) over the course of a single year, underscoring the effectiveness of the subscription management tool in raising their recurring revenue stream and enhancing financial stability.'s natively-built cartridge for SFCC resulted in a more seamless customer experience, allowing this industry leader to offer frictionless subscription services. Moreover, the incorporation of versatile gifting features expanded the range of the brand's offerings, accommodating a variety of customer preferences and fostering deeper connections.

Most notably, the introduction of a member portal empowered subscribers with greater control over their subscriptions. This innovative feature resonated with customers, resulting in heightened engagement and satisfaction. 

subscription growth
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Subscription program seamlessly implemented
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Member portal empowered customers
A leading floral and gifting company transforms subscriptions and gifting programs with for Salesforce Commerce Cloud.
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