Customer Spotlight Program

As a valued customer, we want to showcase your brand and partnership with Our Customer Spotlight Program includes options to highlight your ecommerce business through:

  • A featured testimonial with your company logo on our website
  • A video recorded testimonial
  • An in-depth case study

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Featured Testimonial

Provide a short statement describing your experience working with and how our platform is supporting your business. If you prefer, we can draft one on your behalf and send for your approval.
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Video Testimonial will conduct a 30-minute Zoom call at your convenience in a Q&A format to record your testimonial, producing a video format that will be socialized across our channels.
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Case Study

A valuable case study highlighting results and success metrics on a specific solution (i.e., cost savings, operational efficiency, etc.) without divulging any of your proprietary revenue data.
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1-hour commitment: We'll conduct a 45-minute Zoom interview and develop the case study, with the opportunity to review and approve content.

" took what we were looking for in an ecommerce platform to a whole new level.The analytics and reporting are the best I’ve seen in the industry."

Stephan Ezell, CEO

Truly Free


"The team worked hand-in-hand with us during the whole migration process. Their willingness to address our specific needs allowed us to be more successful."

Sean Whiteley, President



"Partnering with has given us the ability to quickly change and pivot based on what bests resonates with our customers. We’re able to understand our customers on a deeper level and provide more value."

Anwar Husain, Co-fonder



Why participate in a customer spotlight?


Showcase on Social Channels

Provides an opportunity to showcase your success story and brand on our social platforms

Create Lasting Impact

From appearing on our website to a feature in our newsletter, you're ecommerce brand's story and success can be shared across the industry.

Turnkey Marketing Asset

We'll provide you with a resource to share across your own marketing channels.