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Our partnership with payments platform Stripe makes it easier to accept payments and scale your ecommerce business. See how our Stripe Connect integration enables convenience, security and compliance.


January 25, 2023 and Stripe partnership for payment processing

Running an ecommerce business is impossible without payment processing. Shoppers need a convenient way to pay for products and services online using a credit or debit card. Payment processors make that possible because they move money from a customer’s issuing bank to a merchant’s account. Many companies have the infrastructure to shuttle money from issuing banks to accounts, but not all platforms are designed to address unique business needs, such as the ability to accept payments from customers in certain countries or accept Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Our partnership with leading payments platform Stripe enables our merchant clients to easily accept payments, fight fraud and comply with regulations.  

Learn about the key benefits of our Stripe integration:


Busy merchants don’t have time to toggle around different apps to manage their ecommerce business. They need a unified experience, and our Stripe Connect integration delivers that with ease. Merchants can get started with Stripe without leaving the platform. Begin by setting up a provider profile inside our platform, grant access to the Stripe account, then assign the gateway to corresponding campaigns.

By integrating Stripe and, merchants can easily sell one-time purchases and subscriptions, track campaign performance, accept payments, examine reports and more — all from one place.


Ecommerce fraud is on the rise and merchants need to stay a step ahead of fraudsters to protect their customers and revenue. Stripe helps merchants mitigate fraud by leveraging machine learning that uses billions of data points to recognize a legitimate customer from a fraudster. Even if a card has never been used to purchase from a specific business, there’s an 89% chance it’s been seen before in the Stripe network. By learning from millions of global businesses processing hundreds of billions in payments each year, Stripe can assign risk scores to every payment and automatically block many high-risk payments. merchants who leverage the Stripe Connect integration automatically benefit from an additional layer of authentication for credit card transactions called 3D Secure, which helps protect merchants by shifting fraud liability onto issuing banks.  


With governments around the world cracking down on how businesses handle sensitive payment information, merchants should be hyper-focused on following regulations. Both and Stripe support PSD2 regulations in Europe and are PCI DSS Level 1 certified. Additionally, customer information is tokenized when using the Stripe integration, which means merchants do not have to see or store sensitive customer information.

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