Key Findings: How to Choose an Ecommerce Platform


June 7, 2023

Companies are rethinking their ecommerce platforms as the online landscape widens to include more complex technology. Digital Commerce 360’s report explores incoming trends and predictions in the industry.

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Transitioning to new ecommerce technology may be costly, but recent trends highlight the need for complex billing solutions. Digital Commerce 360’s “How to Choose an Ecommerce Platform” key findings report discusses the new technology retailers and B2B companies are adopting to stay competitive in the changing ecommerce space.

We collaborated with Digital Commerce 360 to provide highlights and essential takeaways. Discover how the right technology can solve customer turnover rates and create new revenue opportunities.

Ecommerce Platforms Report Highlights

Digital Commerce 360 surveyed online retailers between August and October of 2021. Below are some key findings from that survey:

  • Boosting the budget: 61% of B2B sellers said an ecommerce platform was among their top three technology budget priorities over the next year.
  • Switching to social: 97% of Gen Z shoppers use social media as their top source of inspiration, leading retailers to invest more in social commerce.
  • Pivoting platforms: 18% of retailers are looking to switch ecommerce platforms, while 38% of B2B sellers are interested in making the switch.

Flexible Billing for the Future

Also included in the report is an interview with’s vice president of product management Sanjay Kamble. During the Q&A, Kamble emphasized the benefits of adopting complex billing technology for both B2B companies and retailers.

Rising acquisition costs are pushing businesses to increase customer retention efforts by offering features that inspire customer trust and satisfaction. Modern billing technology not only offers flexibility and personalization for the customer, it also provides merchants with valuable data to gauge campaign success.

“Consumers want flexibility in payment methods and managing subscriptions,” explained Kamble. “They also want personalized offers tailored to their interests and purchase history. Billing platforms contain a 360-degree view of the consumer and are a powerful tool for personalization.”

Additional Insights

Other important topics from the report include:

  • The case for headless commerce
  • Platform migration tips and trends
  • Using content for customer retention
  • How to simplify the buyer journey
  • Global expansion of BigCommerce and Shopify

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