New Features Boost Flexibility and Efficiency for Merchants

From refining upsell attribution to recovering revenue with initial dunning, these platform features make merchants’ workdays easier.


January 25, 2023

New subscription features

The ecommerce world is evolving, and so should ecommerce technology. The team helps merchants evolve by offering easier ways to grow revenue and build lasting customer connections. Learn how our latest platform features and updates enable merchants to better prevent revenue loss, track upsells and create trial workflows.

Recover More Revenue With Initial Dunning

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Merchants using can now rebill orders after the first failed attempt. This enhancement enables merchants to recover more revenue for both straight sales and subscriptions. It also mitigates the risk of losing would-be customers to involuntary churn.

Previously, rebill attempts were only possible following a successful transaction. For example, dunning for a February subscription rebill would have only been possible if a January subscription transaction approved. Now with initial dunning, merchants can re-attempt first-time transactions, regardless of if there was a successful transaction in the past.

Quick use case

A new customer attempts to buy vitamins from an online vitamin retailer, but the customer’s credit card declines. For this scenario, let’s say it’s because the customer exceeded the card’s daily limit. Instead of alerting the customer to the declined transaction and losing the sale, the vitamin company can confirm the order, then retry billing the next day — without the customer even knowing there was an issue.

Track Post-Purchase Upsells

Gain better performance insights for upsell campaigns with post-purchase upsell attribution. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for merchants who promote upsells on order confirmation pages. By associating upsells to the customer’s initial purchase, merchants can more accurately assess order value.

Plus, the customer will receive a single email that confirms the purchase of the initial and upsell products — creating a more seamless customer experience. The merchant can also configure the email confirmation to include all the items purchased within a specific timeframe, such as “within 30 minutes.”

Quick use case

A customer purchases a smartphone case for $25, then purchases a $10 screen protector after seeing it advertised on the smartphone case order confirmation page. The customer will get one email confirming the purchase of both the case and the screen protector. And the merchant can easily see this customer’s order value was $35, rather than two orders of $25 and $10.

Entice Customers With Unique Trials

Ecommerce features to make selling products easier

Take trials to a whole new level. Enhancements to our trial offer module enable merchants to design unique trial workflows that make the most sense for their business. Merchants can create flexible trials, while controlling custom pricing, trial duration, shipping options, one-time additional product options and more.

Quick use case

A coffee brand offers three seasonal coffee samples to any customer who signs up by October 15. The coffee brand charges $7 for shipping, then sends a pumpkin spice coffee blend in October. The brand can send two additional seasonal blends on specific days and can even send another surprise product (like a mug) with the last sample to delight the customer.

Eliminate Redundant Work With Partial Refunds

Shipping software ShipStation makes order fulfillment quicker and easier — and now our ShipStation integration better supports that mission! Merchants leveraging the integration can now refund partial orders and update ShipStation orders without canceling the entire order, eliminating redundant work and improving the customer experience.

Quick use case

A customer orders a moisturizer, a cleanser and a face serum from a popular beauty brand that uses ShipStation as their fulfillment partner. After the customer places the order, the brand realizes the face serum is out of stock. Instead of canceling the entire order, issuing the refund and replacing another order for the in-stock moisturizer and cleanser, this updated integration allows merchants to process partial refunds so only the out-of-stock item gets canceled and refunded from the original order.

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