The Ecommerce Minute: Cascading and Routing

Episode two of The Ecommerce Minute: Quick Tips for Online Sellers details how to strategically use payment cascading and routing to increase payment approval rates.


July 13, 2023

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Episode 2: Cascading and Routing

Today we're going to be talking about cascading and routing. In the world of ecommerce, the success of your business can depend on the effectiveness of your payment routing strategies, so let's quickly define payment cascading and routing and talk about how they impact your business.

Payment routing is the process of sending transactions to different gateways based on certain criteria such as geography, currency, or payment method. Payment cascading, on the other hand, involves a realtime reattempt of a failed transaction on a secondary gateway. Because gateways can fail for a number of reasons outside of a customer's control, this can increase the chance of approval and reduce customer frustration.

Effective payment routing and cascading strategies can significantly impact your processing success rate. Without these practices in place, you stand to lose sales when your technology fails you for a variety of reasons. Reliability is key when it comes to payment processing. If transactions fail, customers get frustrated and merchants lose money.

That's why having a fallback gateway is important to ensure you don't lose revenue due to outages. You want to avoid locking your business into a single provider whenever possible by choosing billing and processing technologies that enable flexible routing. For instance, you may have a gateway that processes debit cards through debit networks, reducing cost and increasing approval rates.

Finally, it's important to consider refining your payment routing strategies over time by analyzing your data, as there's always room for improvement.

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