Why Q4 is a Critical Time for Brands to Dive into Subscriptions

The ecommerce subscription business model is booming. Read our guest article in Glossy explaining why it’s the ideal time for beauty brands to sell subscriptions.


January 25, 2023

subscription box

Pandemic lockdowns urged consumers and merchants alike to take their interactions online, with many people turning to subscriptions to obtain their everyday necessities. While some merchants may believe the ecommerce boom will slow down after the pandemic's end, growing trends predict otherwise.

New consumer buying habits, online shopping's growing popularity and restrictions around traditional product sampling are a few reasons why it's the perfect time for beauty brands to get in on the subscription action.

Beauty brands can take advantage of the fact that their products are mostly diminishable, leaving consumers to buy refills regularly. Subscriptions take the hassle out of buying makeup and beauty product refills by automatically sending the customer a new product during their subscription cycle.

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