4 Reasons Subscribers Break Up With Brands

Keep the spark alive among your subscription customers. Avoid these common missteps that make even the most loyal customers fall out of love.


May 16, 2023

Woman looking at computer to indicate subscribers churning from subscription brands

It takes a lot to woo subscription customers, but the payoff is worth it. Subscriptions generate predictable recurring revenue and give brands the chance to create long-term customer relationships. Much like the dating world, that relationship can quickly turn from “love at first sight” to “thank you, next” with a few wrong moves.

Keep the interest alive by avoiding these four deal breakers that will send your subscription customers running into the arms of your competition.

1. Lack of Control

Not being able to manage their own subscriptions is a major turnoff for customers. They crave the ability to pause, cancel or adjust their subscriptions, and most prefer to quickly do it themselves through your business’s website or app.

The better move: Use an ecommerce platform that allows customers to easily self-manage their subscriptions. The platform should also give you the option to select exactly which aspects of the subscription customers can control — delivering oversight for you and freedom for them.

Fish Fixe gives customers the ability to order at different intervals.

2. Limited Variety

Your customers fell in love with your stellar products, but that spark could fizzle without some variety. Bored or unengaged customers are quick to unsubscribe, so spice up their next subscription delivery by letting them select different colors, flavors or product types.

Shake up subscriptions: Give customers more choices by picking a platform that supports flexible variants. As the name suggests, variants allow merchants to sell products in a variety of flavors, colors, sizes and types. If you are considering migrating ecommerce platforms or starting a subscription program, make a list of ways you want to offer subscription variety, then inquire if those scenarios are possible when evaluating ecommerce platforms.  

FlexPro Meals customers can choose between different portion sizes, meal types, additional treats and more.

3. No Subscribe and Save Option

A quick way to annoy your customers is by selling a subscription product for the same price as an identical single-sale product. For example, a bottle of hand lotion costs $4 if you just buy it once, but it still costs $4 if you subscribe to receive a bottle every month for a year.

More ways to save: Reward your customers for their loyalty by allowing them to save money when they subscribe. Clearly show on your checkout page how much money they can save by subscribing. Alternatively, allow customers to save money if they prepay for their whole subscription upfront.  

TB12 shows the price difference between buying protein power in a subscription compared to a one-time purchase.


4. Irrelevant Offers or Upsells

Ever received a greeting card so generic the sender did not even include your name? Talk about underwhelming. That’s what customers feel when they get offers or upsells unrelated to their interests or past purchases.

Tailor customer experiences: Tap into detailed reports and analytics to better understand your customers. Use this information to personalize offers and tailor upsells based on purchasing behavior. Be sure to personalize emails or send a message insert with the next subscription delivery. Along with inspiring brand loyalty, personalization helps merchants increase subscription and one-time sales.

Create a happily ever after with your customers and supercharge your subscription strategy. Read the "Ultimate Guide for Starting and Scaling Your Subscription Business."

The Ultimate Guide for Starting and Scaling Your Subscription Business