Forrester Names in 2021 Now Tech Report

Forrester’s "Recurring B2C SaaS Billing Management Solutions, Q3 2021" report based analysis on market presence and functionality — and we checked those boxes! See what that means for merchants.


January 25, 2023

Forrester Now Tech report snapshot

Selecting the ideal recurring billing management solution depends on a myriad of factors unique to each business. Leading global market research firm Forrester helps guide their clients in making the best choice for their needs by researching and publishing a list of recurring B2C billing management vendors operating in a maturing marketplace — and we’re proud to be recognized in their report!  

The “Now Tech: Recurring B2C SaaS Billing Management Solutions, Q3 2021” report named in the midsize category (companies with annual revenue between $25 million and $50 million). Forrester examined a variety of different features when analyzing and 24 other vendors. The report also provides sample customers for each vendor, including our longtime client SkinnyFit.

Moreover, was the only vendor in the midsize category that was included solely in the physical goods functionality segment.  

Specialization Leads to Success

Generating recurring revenue by selling physical goods has its unique set of challenges, so merchants should evaluate solution providers that thrive in that environment. For example, brands selling subscriptions for physical goods should look for the following capabilities:

Shipping and fulfillment integrations — Customers expect their goods delivered ASAP and long wait times could increase churn and diminish brand reputation. Your recurring billing vendor should easily integrate and partner with shipping and fulfillment providers to streamline this essential ecommerce component.

Flexible self-management — If a customer goes on vacation or changes routines, chances are they’ll need to pause or skip their subscription for a physical product. Make it easy for customers to self-manage subscriptions within your member portal. Not only will it delight your customers, it will also save your customer service representatives time.  

Offer gifts and free samples — Subscription curious” consumers want to test and try products before buying a subscription. Your platform should make it easy to offer trials for physical products, then dazzle them with surprise gifts or other unexpected rewards.

Simplifying Complex Billing

“You may not need all the bells and whistles or heavier-weight integration projects of solutions designed to support complex billing scenarios” according to the Forrester “Now Tech” report. Some merchants and brands indeed aren’t ready to fully leverage a platform made for complex recurring billing, while others know it’s time for an upgrade. Here are some capabilities that entice customers, but might require more robust billing management functionality:

  • Subscribe-and-save options    
  • Seasonal or custom billing cycles
  • Mixed-cart processing
  • Pre-paid subscriptions
  • Dunning
  • Guest checkout

Luckily, complex billing doesn’t have to be complicated. The right vendor should enable you to easily offer subscriptions that fit your customers’ needs.

Talk to the Subscription Commerce Experts

The full “Now Tech: Recurring B2C SaaS Billing Management Solutions, Q3 2021” report is no longer available. Please see our insights page for the latest reports, research and advice on subscription commerce and recurring billing.

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