Infographic: Prepping Your Ecommerce Business for the Holidays

Harness the holidays to boost sales and connect with customers. See the factors influencing ecommerce gift purchases, stats on which shopping holiday is most critical to ecommerce and more.


January 26, 2023

Picture of gift to symbolize prepping your ecommerce business for the holidays

Retail brands have always needed to dazzle and delight customers during the holiday shopping season. That seasonal sentiment is especially true this year as brands look to the holiday period as a time to recuperate profit loss spurred by the pandemic.

Even if your brand has been gearing up all year to seize the season, it is likely some COVID curveballs have forced you to reevaluate your strategy, especially when it comes to shipping and fulfillment. With more consumers heading online to complete their shopping lists, merchants must be ready to conquer unprecedented hurdles and turn first-time customers into lifelong fans.

Read this infographic to unwrap the facts, prepare for new challenges and exceed customer expectations during this accelerated shift to ecommerce.

2021 holiday infographic
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