Preferred Partnership Simplifies Subscriptions for BigCommerce Merchants

We’ve teamed up with BigCommerce to help merchants configure, launch and manage subscription programs directly within the BigCommerce store control panel. Learn the benefits for merchants!

Starting and growing a subscription program can be cumbersome without the right setup. Merchants need a flexible and fast way to offer unique replenishment and membership programs, while keeping it simple behind the scenes. That’s why we are excited to announce our preferred partnership with BigCommerce, a leading SaaS ecommerce platform that has helped merchants generate more than $25 billion in sales since 2009.

The Subscriptions app allows BigCommerce merchants to easily launch and manage subscriptions. The native configuration means BigCommerce merchants can access’s powerful tools to run a thriving subscription program, without leaving the BigCommerce platform.

Learn how this integration empowers merchants and helps increase customer retention.

Flexible Subscription Selling  

A one-size-fits-all subscription fails to entice consumers, so give your customers options. Subscriptions for BigCommerce allows merchants to set any subscription frequency, such as every 30, 60 or 90 days, and even on certain days of the month or holidays.

Merchants can also sell one-time products and subscriptions in a single transaction, also known as mixed-cart checkout. This capability can help merchants increase average order value. For example, say a merchant is selling a monthly subscription box for bath salts and soaps. The merchant can entice the customer to add on a loofah or other bath accessory at a discounted price during checkout, allowing for unlimited discounts and promotions.  

Subscribe-and-Save Options

Consumers want their subscriptions to provide value and subscribe-and-save programs effectively deliver that value. Subscriptions gives BigCommerce merchants the ability to offer custom subscribe-and-save options by assigning discounts to specific billing models, such as 15% off for a 60-day subscription or 10% off for a 30-day subscription. Give your customers more options so they can choose the subscription frequency and price point that makes sense for them.

Robust Reporting

Too many merchants aim to scale their subscription programs but lack the insights to pinpoint the most effective growth strategies. BigCommerce merchants using Subscriptions have access to these helpful analytics to easily test, learn and grow subscriptions:

  • Active subscriptions metrics
  • Subscriber growth metrics
  • Churn rates
  • Retention rates
  • Payment metrics
  • Subscription product performance

Customer and Merchant Convenience

Demand for subscriptions continues to surge. In fact, the November 2021 edition of the Subscription Commerce Conversion Index found U.S. consumers spend $15 billion on retail subscriptions each month. Consumers also demand convenience. Flexible subscription management capabilities, such as a customer pausing a subscription because of an upcoming vacation, keep customers around for the long haul.

Merchants using the Subscriptions app can allow their customers to self-manage subscriptions in their existing member portals, while enabling the following options:  

  • Updates to billing information
  • Pause subscriptions
  • Bill now/ship now
  • Restart subscriptions

Subscribers are not the only ones benefiting from the app’s convenience. The following features help merchants save time and work more efficiently:

  • Product sync —  Use the BigCommerce catalog to configure subscription options without having to recreate their catalog in
  • Mass subscription enablement Reduce workload by enabling subscriptions on many products all at once.
  • Multi-user access — Merchant admins can create accounts for other users within their organization.  
  • Single sign-on Use BigCommerce credentials to log in to Subscriptions, eliminating the need to manage multiple credentials.
  • Email notifications — Keep customers informed throughout the subscription lifecycle with automated communications.
  • Dunning and decline management — Easily capture lost revenue with dunning strategies and automatic retries for failed transactions.

Looking Ahead

The features covered in this article are available now in Subscriptions for BigCommerce — and we’re just getting started! Our team is continuously developing to make new and advanced features accessible for BigCommerce merchants, so stay tuned for new releases coming soon.  

Ready to start selling subscriptions? Learn more about Subscriptions for BigCommerce and contact us here.