Quickly Sell Subscriptions With’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge


January 25, 2023’s turnkey solution for Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps merchants easily configure, launch and manage subscriptions — directly within the Commerce Cloud Business Manager.

Subscriber receiving order from a Salesforce Commerce Cloud retailer

Merchants and brands must move fast to delight customers, and new features in’s cartridge for Commerce Cloud enable just that. Salesforce has long been a leading commerce solution that empowers merchants to easily sell across all digital channels. helps these merchants offer subscriptions and generate recurring revenue with this native cartridge.

Is the Cartridge Right for My Business?

The cartridge is specifically designed for merchants who want to launch, test or expand subscription selling. Through this powerful connection, you can easily launch subscription programs directly within your Salesforce Business Manager.

The solution is an ideal fit if any of the following statements apply to your business goals.

  • I want to extend my existing relationships with customers by launching subscriptions.
  • I want to configure and manage all my sales (subscription and non-subscription) in one place.
  • I want to build a single, unified checkout experience for mixed carts, straight sale and subscription-only orders.
  • My customer service representatives should be able to manage subscriptions for unregistered customers through the Commerce Cloud Business Manager.

New Features to Help You Flourish

These latest features enable Commerce Cloud merchants to offer customers flexible subscription options while preventing revenue loss.

Subscribe-and-save options Assign discounts to specific billing models, such as 15% off for a 30-day subscription. Easily set up subscription-based discounts with the Commerce Cloud promotion engine.  

Prepaid subscriptions Allow customers to prepay for a certain number of subscription cycles, so you can generate more revenue in a single period. Entice them to pay ahead by offering discounts and incentives.  

Flexible subscriber portal Give customers the power to self-manage their subscriptions with an enhanced subscription management portal, while also enabling your customer service representatives to easily manage subscription orders directly from the Business Manager.

Smart Dunning — Leverage AI to automatically reattempt to bill declined orders at optimal times. These times are based on customer historical behavior, increasing the chance of a successful rebill and keeping money in your pocket.  

Anti-fraud — Prevent criminal and friendly fraud without blocking legitimate charges. We partner with an industry-leading fraud solutions provider to analyze the safety level of every transaction in milliseconds.

Single platform and login — Merchants can tap into the power of’s subscription commerce solution without having to manage multiple applications or logins, unlike other subscription providers who require merchants to toggle between platforms.  

Key Benefits of the Cartridge

Subscription Flexibility

Build subscription programs that are perfect for your business’s unique needs. Take advantage of our unmatched level of customization as you configure standard, prepaid, seasonal or custom recurring subscription offers that keep your customers coming back for more. Freely pause or resume subscriptions and allow customers the option to manage their own rebills for ultimate personalization.

Revenue Maximization Tools

Capture and retain more revenue with’s merchant services. Tools like Account Updater will ensure you retain more customers and minimize losses to involuntary churn. We offer completely managed services to protect your business from fraud and chargebacks with little to no effort from your team. Increase average order value with specially curated multi-product bundles.

Actionable Insights

Flexible dashboards, reports and analytics give you the actionable insights to grow your business. Easily view metrics on subscriber growth, churn, revenue and more. Get high-level snapshots segmented to give you a quick overview, then drill down into trends or individual customers and transactions. Understanding your customers’ behaviors will help create lasting customer bonds.

Reliable Support

Get white-glove service from the support team. We expertly guide merchants on quickly launching subscription programs within Commerce Cloud. With live chat, phone and email support, turn to for reliable assistance every step of the way.

Transform Ecommerce Transactions into Recurring Revenue

Your customers want the convenience of receiving products at the frequency they choose. And your business needs the agility of a seamless subscription cartridge that enables you to start selling quickly. Whether you are just starting a subscription program or need to rapidly increase predictable revenue, count on’s cartridge for Commerce Cloud to scale your business.

Quickly connect Commerce Cloud with and convert one-time buyers into lifelong fans. Get started today.

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