Picking the Perfect Subscription Commerce Platform

Our VP of Marketing shares key attributes to look for in a subscription commerce platform and what sets apart. Watch the interview that appeared during SubSummit, the largest event for DTC subscription brands.

Key Considerations for Selecting a Subscription Commerce Platform

Brands will get the most value if they select a subscription commerce platform that suits their specific needs, growth plans and business models. Align with your team to answer these important questions before meeting with a subscription commerce platform provider.

Are you selling physical goods, digital services or implementing a hybrid model?

This question probably won’t stump your team, but the answer is critical for picking the perfect subscription commerce platform. Brands selling direct-to-consumer physical goods face different challenges than those selling digital services, such as fulfillment and shipping. If you’re primarily selling physical goods, consider a platform that specializes in that space.

Are you exclusively selling subscriptions or do you offer one-time purchases, too?

Upselling or cross-selling one-time purchases when a customer buys a subscription can boost average order value and introduce customers to new products. But not all ecommerce platforms can easily support selling one-time purchases and subscriptions in the same transaction. Before signing on the dotted line, ensure the platform you’re eyeing can handle mixed-cart checkout.

Which integrations will you need to thrive?

Every brand will use a subscription commerce platform in unique ways and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to delighting your customers. That’s the beauty of integrating with other technology platforms. Whether it’s tax compliance help, email marketing, shipping and fulfillment or anti-fraud solutions, your subscription commerce platform should easily plug into what you need so you can start selling fast.

How will you foster a positive customer experience?

Subscription brands know the importance of delighting customers so they’ll keep coming back. Enhance the customer experience and extend customer lifetime value by enabling them to self-manage their subscriptions. Allow customers to pause, change or restart their subscriptions with a few clicks. Align with a subscription commerce platform that can deliver the outstanding experience your customers deserve.  

What Sets Apart From Other Subscription Commerce Platforms  

Many other subscription applications were created to simply manage and trigger a subscription rebill. We built to not only flexibly manage subscriptions, but to maximize revenue and get merchants up and running quickly. Read these key reasons outshines the competition.

  • Flexible merchandising capabilities — Whether for bundles, dynamic coupons, cross-sells or upsells, our merchandising capabilities enable brands to increase sales and brand loyalty using the strategies most effective for     their customers.  
  • Revenue maximization — We designed our platform to reduce chargebacks and involuntary churn with alerts, our Account Updater tool and Smart Dunning. Paired with fraud prevention solutions, these services help keep more money in your pocket.
  • Personalization engine — Make the right offer at the right time based on the data collected at all the customer touchpoints.
  • Powerful reporting and analytics Get a unified view of customer data that incorporates customer profiles and includes merchant interaction touchpoints, plus refund and purchase history. This data helps brands understand the true health of their business.
  • Front-end agnostic — We support brands with custom websites and platforms with robust APIs. And while we are more advanced than a basic plug-and-play model, our platform also integrates with BigCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud and other platforms for ease and convenience.
  • Reliable customer support — All of our customer success and customer support teams are U.S.-based and available through live chat, phone and email.

Ultimately, we constantly strive to deliver the platform features and tools that help brands create lasting customer relationships, deliver personalized experiences and own the future of subscription commerce.

Read the Subscription Commerce Conversion Index referenced during the video to see how to entice today’s subscription-curious consumers.

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