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Forrester’s SaaS billing solutions report details the features and market size of 42 recurring billing vendors. was also included in the Forrester report, Now Tech: Recurring B2C SaaS Billing Management Solutions, Q3 2021.


January 27, 2023

Forrester SaaS Billing Solutions Report title

As recurring billing capabilities shift from a want to a need, merchants face the pressure of choosing the right solution from a diverse set of SaaS software vendors. Forrester, the leading global research and advisory company, has released a report to give digital professionals an overview of notable vendors in the SaaS recurring billing market. is proud to be acknowledged among the included companies.

From small to large, “The SaaS Recurring Billing Solutions Landscape, Q1 2023” report examined the feature offerings and industry focus of 42 SaaS recurring billing vendors. As a SaaS in public cloud solution focused on consumer products, entertainment and leisure, and retail, is considered a medium-sized vendor by Forrester with $25–$50 million in product revenue.

“The value that buyers get from adopting SaaS recurring billing software runs the gamut. Top drivers include the ability to capitalize on new market opportunities (e.g., net new recurring revenue), yield better returns from their existing revenue streams, improve customer lifetime value, reduce churn, and improve cash flow. Often, the business value that firms get from modern billing technology is also in improved operations: expedited time to market, reduced operational costs per customer, improved employee engagement, and reduced days to close the books.”

Why Merchants Benefit From Billing Technology

While each industry and company has unique needs, the report noted a few reasons buyers implement recurring billing technology. We believe these reasons include:  

  • Ease of configuring billing models — Consumer demands continue to change, and merchants must quickly adapt to offer the billing models subscribers want — whether that’s replenishment and subscription boxes or mixed-cart checkout with a la carte offerings.
  • Managing and extending the customer lifecycle — It’s simple: subscriptions are designed to keep customers coming back for more. The recurring billing model focuses on customer retention more so than acquisition, and merchants can benefit from these long-term relationships as customers reel in unessential spending due to inflation.
  • Utilizing recurring customer data — Subscriptions offer the unique advantage of first-party data to help reduce churn and improve cash flow, but not all billing solutions keep you in the know. Top vendors offer an organized dashboard with actionable insights.

Subscription Platform Must-Haves

The report identified three top use cases merchants frequently seek when choosing a recurring billing vendor, and 7 extended use cases that some digital professionals look to address in addition; however, these extended use cases are less commonly offered by recurring billing solutions, according to Forrester’s overview.

SaaS Recurring Billing Solutions: Core Use Cases

Merchants have a list of must-have features when choosing a recurring billing solution, and these needs impact the decision on whether to choose a simple solution or modern billing technology. The report gives insight into each vendor’s functionality (i.e., optimize recurring payments, manage customer communications, self-service portals, etc.) with example use cases.

Notably, self-reports that it offers functionalities for all 10 use cases identified by Forrester, and we are confident in presenting these as some of the top features merchants want:

  • Flexible pricing models
  • Decline salvage and dunning tools
  • Performance dashboards and analytics
  • Customer self-service portal
  • Automated email notifications

Discover the Difference

From complex capabilities to simple subscription offerings, the right recurring billing solution allows you to meet (and exceed) your customers’ expectations. Read the full report to learn what to expect from SaaS recurring billing solutions (available to Forrester subscribers and for purchase.)

Want the tools for subscription success? Discover how can give your customers the buying experience they crave.