5 Reasons To Migrate Your BigCommerce Subscription Sales to

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October 3, 2023

BigCommerce subscription merchant on laptop

Navigating today’s economy as an ecommerce merchant means looking for smart ways to save. Inflation has hit Americans hard, with food prices increasing around 10% in the past year. That means consumers have less to spend on discretionary purchases, and around two in five subscribers have responded by canceling one or more subscriptions.

Most merchants know raising prices would lead to more lost customers. Instead, the best way forward is to increase your company’s efficiency without sacrificing the convenience, product quality and responsive customer service your customers have come to expect.

A robust subscription management workflow can help you consistently deliver a top-notch customer experience. For many merchants, migrating to a new subscription management app may be the best way to improve processes while saving money.

The Subscriptions application for BigCommerce makes it easy to process recurring payments while also offering your buyers a smooth experience. Here are five reasons you should migrate to our BigCommerce app today.

1. Subscriptions Is the Only Native BigCommerce App

Native integration with BigCommerce saves time for customers and merchants alike. works with BigCommerce’s built-in functionalities rather than working around them, which means smoother frontend and backend experiences. subscriptions on BigCommerce example

Our app lets you add custom subscription billing options to your storefront while staying true to your shipping, tax and other settings configured on your BigCommerce account. Buyers can make one-time and subscription purchases in the same transaction when purchasing physical and digital products alike.

You’ll also save time with the capability to set up everything in one place rather than switching back and forth between our app and your BigCommerce storefront. You only have to choose and configure options (like payment gateways) once, and you have access to every feature BigCommerce offers.

Some subscription-only metrics are only available in our app, but you can access your subscription and one-time purchase records within BigCommerce, and easily analyze subscription and customer data within our app. This allows you to see how all your products are performing and run side-by-side comparisons.

2. Customize Subscription Pricing Models With Advanced Billing Logic

billing logic on BigCommerce example scenario

Merchants who use Subscriptions for BigCommerce can choose from a multitude of billing options. We make it easy to offer subscriptions using the following models:

  • Bill by cycle (for example, every 30, 60 or 90 days)
  • Bill by date (for example, the first day of every month)
  • Bill by day of month (for example, the first Wednesday of every month)
  • Bill by relative date (for example, bill by the date exactly one month from signup)
  • Bill by schedule (for example, on the first day of January, April, July and October)

You’re also free to add multiple billing options to one product. This allows buyers to customize subscription billing periods to meet their product and budgetary needs.

Our app makes it easy to give your subscribers the freedom to manage their subscriptions. Customers can visit their subscription self-management dashboard to adjust their billing frequency if their initial choice doesn’t meet their needs.

3. Convert More Customers With Dynamic Discounting

Bring value to customers and incentivize them to sign up for certain subscription plans with dynamic discounting. Many other BigCommerce apps offer the capability to do simple subscribe-and-save offers, but with Subscriptions, you can change the amount subscribers save based on their subscription settings.

Dynamic discounting helps you guide customers toward the subscription plans that are best for your company. For example, you might increase your ARR by offering 10% off to consumers who buy every three months, but 20% off to a consumer who signs up for a shipment every month. Or perhaps your lowest churn rates are among customers who sign up for shipments every two months, so you give a coupon for $20 off that plan vs. $10 off your monthly subscription.

Dynamic discounting is a win for you and your customers. They’re more likely to sign up thanks to the cost savings, and you get the benefit of guaranteed recurring revenue.

4. Set up a Membership Program To Boost Retention Rates

Membership program example on the subscriptions app for BigCommerce

Customers love feeling like VIPs, and makes it easy to roll out the red carpet with support for membership programs. Our subscription app for BigCommerce makes it easy to offer exclusive subscriber perks, including:

  • Free shipping
  • Member-only sales on certain products, product categories or across your whole store
  • Free gifts with subscription renewal
  • Exclusive access to certain products or content

Customer choice is an important part of every subscription offering, so we don’t lock you (or your subscribers) into one membership type. You can use BigCommerce’s Customer Groups rules to create as many membership programs as you’d like to administer. Our payment providers handle membership payment processing, and the perks are easy to set up directly in the BigCommerce platform.

5. Protect Your Profits With Rebill Protection

Automatically processing rebills is typically a plus as it helps prevent involuntary churn, but payments that fail multiple times cost your company money. Subscriptions for BigCommerce helps you strike a good balance with rebill protection features.

Our software analyzes each payment and automatically moves those that are likely to fail to your Rebill Protection queue. The order will be flagged to manually review and resolve the issue before we retry it. can identify multiple rebill failure scenarios, including:

  • Product out of stock, no longer purchasable or no longer exists
  • No shipping methods available
  • No shipping address on file
  • Consumer does not have card on file

When a transaction is added to your Rebill Protection queue, we’ll also add a recommendation to help you determine the best way to resolve the issue. With our smart guidance, you can improve retention rates and avoid interruptions to your customers’ subscription experiences.

Our Team Is Ready To Help With Your BigCommerce Migration

We put customers first, which is why our in-house experts offer white-glove BigCommerce migration services. All you need to do is contact our team to get started. We will complete the installation process for you and offer personalized support as you get up and running. We provide hands-on training to merchants and their teams, where you’ll learn how to:

  • Manage your member portal
  • Access analytics
  • Configure email notifications
  • Set up billing options

We know how much time it takes to make a subscription work. You deserve a partner as dedicated to your success as you are. Don’t settle for a BigCommerce subscription app that doesn’t offer native integration or a merchant-friendly suite of features. Migrate to Subscriptions today to save money and see the difference.

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